Here's how we took a Spirit-led approach to helping our client Gretchen re-imagine and re-launch her business, Wildflower Beauty Bar.

Clarity and Alignment

On Gretchen's vision for her business via Breathwork Journeys + Spirit Guidance:

In the first three weeks of our process, Gretchen received three 90-minute guided breathwork journeys, each of which provided a sacred space for her to connect with her own Spirit and receive insights and clarity for her Highest Path forward with Wildflower. Through this process, Gretchen was able to really clarify and deeply connect to how she wants to feel and show up in her business, which laid a beautiful foundation for creating her most aligned version of Wildflower Beauty Bar. As part of this process, Gretchen received a session with a powerful Clairvoyant, who shared messages from Gretchen's guides and ancestors, and deeply affirmed Gretchen's vision, and brought forward new powerful insights and direction.

Refining Gretchen's Vision

Streamlining her offers, and capturing the energy and language of her business

In our first three weeks, Gretchen went through a (fun!) guided journalling process after each breathwork session. This process really helped Gretchen recognize where she could streamline her offers and services, and even re-structure parts of her business, in order to move towards a new version of Wildflower that would feel more spacious and easeful. Along the way, together we created and refined the language to bring the essence of Wildflower to the 3D.

Visual Translation

Designing Wildflower's visual identity (logo, fonts, images)

Through gathering Gretchen's direction on all of the visual elements- including fonts, colours, visual Archetypes, imagery, and design aesthetics, Nicole translated Gretchen's essence into a beautiful website that evokes spaciousness, ease, and empowered self care. See it here!

Launch + Integration

Launching Gretchen's website, with all of the magic + the practical considerations

After a magical, easeful and introspective six weeks together, we launched Gretchen's new site, which has become a powerful marketing tool, that completely reflects a truly aligned vision of herself and her business. Practical tools were included like linking up a booking platform for ease of use, basic SEO, proper page naming and email integration.This was a stress-free launch that completely exceeded this client's expectations. Read her words below!


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