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The Ceremony is led by me, Monica Krake and my talented partner, Nicole Carrington. We came together thanks to Divine timing…and the power of the internet. In April, 2022, I wrote down my vision for The Ceremony and put it to the universe to find an aligned website developer. That week, I came across one of Nicole’s beautiful websites, and was inspired to reach out. As fate would have it, at the exact moment my email arrived in Nicole’s inbox, she was deep in conversation with her business coach about wanting to shift her website company to create more ease, and to work with soul-led entrepreneurs. Boom. Within six months of connecting, we had created our process, taken our first client through The Ceremony with incredible results, and brought to life the most aligned work we’ve both ever experienced. And now we’d like to help you do the same!

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Monica Krake

Breathwork Guide

I’ve been obsessed with the mystery of why we’re here and what truly matters since I was a kid. I remember getting looks from people, and realizing that it wasn't really cool to be talking about angels or God, or my plans to become a nun.

So, in an effort to be more 'normal', I tried to keep my spiritual passions on the DL. However, as many of us begin to realize as adults, when we neglect our truth, we become depleted. Since I wasn't speaking or living from the heart in some core ways, I began to feel very in-authentic as an adult and it caught up with me on a few levels. A brief period of chronic pain in my late 30's helped me to really wake up to this truth: I needed to fully align my life with my values. Though I loved co-running my marketing agency and the flexibility it brought me in my life, I also needed an outlet for my passions, and this led me to launch Head + Heart, a wellness platform with directory of great practitioners and resources, along with my monthly wellness email guide to living aligned.

All of my life experiences led me to the realization that I am here to work with people at a soul level, one-to-one. My greatest joy is holding space for people so they can remember how to synch up with their own life force energy, tune into what they truly desire, and bring their purpose to life. In the work I do as a breathwork practitioner and guide, my role is to support the shifts that already want to happen in your life.  Breathwork is a powerful support because it connects us back with the innate intelligence of the body so we can deeply feel and embody what our Soul wants to bring to life. And the science shows that breathwork can provide a full system reset.

While I don’t necessarily believe that there’s only ‘one true purpose’ for all of us - our purpose evolves as we do- I do know that we can all be doing meaningful work that fully aligns with our gifts and values, and that when we do, we also discover more easeful ways to make an abundant living. When we trust that we are supported in this, opportunities open up. We access our innate power. Work feels less like effort. This is what Nicole and I and The Ceremony are here to help you discover.

Nicole Carrington

Aligned Website Creation

I came to understand spirituality through a really non-traditional route. Growing up the daughter of a PhD geophysicist, I learned about the world and my place in it through analysis, observation, facts and science. Yet I found that no matter how many facts I learned about myself or the universe around me, I still had deep anxieties about life, my purpose and the meaning of it all. Having never even heard of spirituality, my only way to overcome these anixeties was through high-performing avoidance. ie: buckle down, get good grades, be the best at my job, try to become superwoman and hope my accomplishments filled that gap deep within me. Spoiler alert: they didn't. Instead, I became clinically burnt out and was diagnosed with a chronic illness and generalized anxiety disorder.

Becoming an entrepreneur was my first act of rebellion. Instead of playing by the rules of my office job or my desire to dominate the corporate ladder, I would make my own company and create my own rules. But becoming a business owner wasn't the immediate dream I'd anticipated. Truth be told, it was a lonely journey, one that has stretched me far beyond my limits and completely shattered my sense of self. But it's also been the greatest gift.

To overcome these hardships, I turned to the best tools in my toolbox: my ability to research and learn. Which is how I quite literally stumbled upon spirituality.

Fast forward through a lot of learning and practicing to today and I feel as though I have found true alignment in myself and my business. I've gotten super clear on my Higher Purpose and gained so much clarity on my vision. I've created a support network of other like-minded people. I'm lit up every day by what I do and the more I lean into my spiritual practices, the more it comes to me with ease. I know this is possible for you, too.

While I don't believe life or business is ever easy (we're always asked to do the work), I deeply believe and know that it's possible to experience an easeful business, especially when we simplify, clarify, connect with our Higher Selves and feel safe and supported through the process.

We are so proud to bring you The Ceremony, which is designed to help you discover your sense of ease, joy and alignment in your business.


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