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"When we move from a place of true alignment, everything is possible."

Monica Krake

Breathwork Guide

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The Ceremony came to life in a pretty magical way. After working in marketing and creating websites for many years, Monica had a vision to create a ceremonial approach that would help businesses both gain clarity on their vision, and take them through a clarifying, celebratory website-creation process. We're doing it this way because launching a website can be a clarifying, enjoyable, creative, and inspiring affair. With the power of breathwork and inquiry, The Ceremony is here to help you align with your vision, and your website presence, in a unique and powerful way.

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Monica Krake

Breathwork Guide

One of the biggest lessons I've learned in life is that every human carries unique gifts this world needs, and that when we learn how to align with and bring those gifts forward, life becomes SO much more rich, magical and purposeful. My passion is to work with mission-driven entrepreneurs to help them clarify and magnify their vision and impact.

As a breathwork practitioner and guide, my role is to support the shifts that already want to happen in your life.  Combining breathwork with business visioning is amazing because it connects us back with the innate intelligence of the body so we can deeply feel and embody what our Soul wants to bring to life.

The Ceremony is designed to translate what you're ready to embody in your work, into a beautiful website and business tool, so that it's easier for your ideal clients to find you.

In my role at The Ceremony, I bring together my marketing agency experience and my passion for spiritual alignment, which I teach as the founder of Head + Heart.

Nicole Carrington

Aligned Website Creation

Nicole's greatest passion is getting to see her clients' vision come to life through a new brand or website that they feel truly aligned with and proud of. This is something she never takes for granted.

Nicole has a passion for creating influential websites that are also powerful (converting) business tools. With her background working for some of Canada's top corporate brands she's seen first hand the transformative power of strategic marketing, storytelling and branding. And while she now enjoys a more spiritual, wellness-first, approach to website creation, she always brings a strategic lens.

Nicole's zone of genius is her genuine desire to support and elevate heart-led entrepreneurs. In her role at The Ceremony, this is paramount, as she brings all of her passion and expertise to each and every website launch. Through embodying an alignment-first approach to her own business and life, she's a natural fit for our vision with The Ceremony, which is to bring more ease and joy to the businesses we serve. She was pretty much born to do this : )


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