Case Study — Conscious Lab

Here's how we worked with Jenna Herbut at Conscious Lab, to elevate her online presence.

Bringing the Pieces Together

Jenna came to us with a BIG vision for Conscious Lab which included many different elements.

Through the guided breathwork journeys, Monica helped Jenna to articulate and clarify her business direction. In addition to providing an elevated event space for all kinds of gatherings, Jenna also envisioned bringing together like minded business, which led us to the Conscious Business Collective, and offering  more in depth event consulting services. Breathwork helped Jenna connect with and refine her path forward with Conscious Lab.

Refining the Direction

Website Layout + Copywriting

Through our self-guided journaling process, along with lots of personal guidance from our team, we worked with Jenna to translate her vision and energy into a truly user friendly website design and layout with messaging that is clear, concise and speaks to the unique energy of the urban sanctuary she's created. We also included some key practical elements to support her client acquisition process, including an FAQ, a Co-Creation Process Page, and an Inquiry Form for new clients.

Creating the Brand Essence

Bringing the energy to the forefront

Conscious Lab's visual identity captures the energy of spaciousness, creativity, and possibility that Jenna exuded in each breathwork session. Nicole worked with Jenna's visual inputs to bring the essence of her elevated space to a whole new level online.

Jenna Conscious Lab The Ceremony

Launching the Website

Launching Conscious Lab's new site was a celebratory unveiling!

Jenna was thrilled with the process and results, which went beyond her expectations. On the practical side, Nicole and Monica incorporated all of the necessary website integrations, plug ins, and SEO requirements to ensure the Conscious Lab site is a platform that supports the exponential growth of this amazing business.


Conscious Lab Mockup FiveThe Ceremony
Conscious Lab Mockup Two The Ceremony

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