The Ceremony is a Spirit-led approach to help you clarify your vision and purpose and bring it to life with a beautifully branded website.

We're not your average website providers.

Monica Krake, Founder of Head + Heart, Breathwork Practitioner & Marketer

The Ceremony is a six-week experience designed to help you get clear on what you’re here to create with your business AND set you up for success with a beautifully branded website that truly captures your vision + gives you a strong foundation for success. The Ceremony includes a magical combination of guided breathwork sessions, our personalized clarity process, website branding & creation, and our team's expertise allllll along the way.

Nicole Carrington, Founder of Perfect Sundays, Website Designer & Marketer

About The Team

The Ceremony is for you if...

  • You have gifts this world needs, but you’re not sure exactly what to focus on or how to articulate what it is that you offer.
  • You’re either setting out on a new path, pivoting, or you’ve been sharing your gifts for years, and now you’re at a point where you desire guidance to articulate your offers and services in the most aligned, authentic, fully-expressed way possible.
  • You’ve maybe even felt the nudge that deeper self-expression is part of your own personal growth journey.
  • You’re a spiritual person, and want to approach your own business in a way that feels guided. You want what you’re bringing to the world to be a co-creation with the Divine.
  • You understand that showing up in a giving role means learning to receive, because we can only give as much as we allow ourselves to receive. You’re ready to receive the support you desire to clarify the next steps on your Higher Path.
  • You are drawn to breathwork as a spiritual practice, and trust that your body and breath can connect you with your deeper wisdom, intuition and creativity..
  • You are ready to commit to a six week process that includes three breathwork journeys, 5-8 hours of journaling, and a revision process.
  • Your great desire is to uncover your purpose and to approach your business, your brand messaging and website creation in a way that feels like a beautiful ceremony, not a marketing chore.

Part soul work, part marketing work and 100% a ceremony of self-discovery.

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Our Process

This process also includes refinement and expert oversight.

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What to Expect

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This is your process, as much as ours. We’ll be co-creating your vision, together with all the guidance available to you. Having both run marketing and branding agencies, you’re in excellent hands with us. We’ve both got years of expertise working with corporate clients, and promise to ensure your brand language and website creation supports purpose, vision, and all your practical needs.

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